The History of the World:

“An Age after the Gods had defeated the Primordials and took control of the World, the Gods grew bored with their roles as Monitors, so they began vying for ever-increased Power and Influence in the World. But their growing greed could not be satisfied by garnering mere Acolytes and Worshipers – Temples and Territories. They required control of the Fundamental Forces of the World Itself. Their ever-increasing individual appetites for power inevitably clashed, and a War of the Gods ensued. In the Crisis, the Gods broke into factions – those who sought to control the World for the prosperity of its inhabitants, and those who sought it for the prosperity of themselves.

Chief among the World’s Wardens – Oghma, Melora, Tempus, Chauntea, Kord, Pelor, and Torm.
The World’s Keepers – Gruumsh, Asmodeus, Erathis, Shar, Ioun, Bane, and Cyric.

For a time and a time their frequent altercations wrought devastation across the face of the World and to the Beyond Places, Above and Beneath, making no place safe for creatures High or Low. And then, Three Thousand years ago, in a battle pitched in the place where all Elements are found – Earth, Ice, Water, Fire, and Lightning – a devastating blow was misstruck – not against any God, but against the World itself. By which God the Wound was made, it has never been clear. Clarity remains only around the fact that the Wound stretched from the World’s surface past its very Depth, even unto the Deep Places Beyond, unleashing the Underworld. The Gods realized that, should they continue their Path, the World would be destroyed utterly. So they formed a pact and let the Worldscar serve as its seal, as its constant reminder: The War for the World shall be fought by Denizens of the World. So the Gods – Wardens and Keepers alike – found Champions. One Creature to Every One God. And so we were given the Lords – gifted by the Gods to preserve the World. Even an Age after the Lords left the World to govern itself, we owe to the Lords our continued Lives and Prosperity. So it was done, so it was written, so it has been told."

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