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  • Oghma

    One of the Wardens, Oghma is the Unaligned god of knowledge and learning. His symbol is a blank scroll. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Tempus

    One of the Wardens, Tempus is the Unaligned god of battles and fearlessness and patron of the Lord of Sky, [[:galyle]]. His symbol is a burning sword. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Chauntea

    One of the Wardens, Chauntea is the Lawful Good goddess of the land and harvest. Her symbol is a vine blossoming with berries and flowers. She is the patron goddess of [[Roehm]] and the Lord of Leaf. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Kord

    One of the Wardens, Kord is the Unaligned god of battles and lightning. His symbol is a sword made of lightning. He is the patron god of [[Worldcentre]] and the presumably dead Lord of Lightning. His priests hold a festival called the [[Kordian …

  • Melora

    One of the Wardens, Melora is the Unaligned goddess of wilderness and the sea. Her symbol is a seashell or a spiral, representing a whirlpool. She is the primary goddess of [[Beachton]]. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Pelor

    One of the Wardens, Pelor is the Good god of the sun and time. He is generally well-loved and regarded throughout The World. His symbol is a golden sun. He is the patron god of [[The City]] and the Lord of Light, [[:sum]]. The priests at his …

  • Torm

    One of the Wardens, Torm is the Lawful Good god of duty and law. He is the patron god of [[Dark City]], and the Lord of Dark. His symbol is a closed fist, typically encased in a gauntlet. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Gruumsh

    One of the Keepers, Gruumsh is the Chaotic Evil god of destruction and orcs and patron of the githyanki Caballer WaMorta. His symbol is a single, lidless eye. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Asmodeus

    One of the Keepers, Asmodeus is the Lawful Evil god of control and devils. His symbol is a hexagon, divided into three sections. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Erathis

    One of the Keepers, Erathis is the Unaligned goddess of civilization and invention. She is the patron of the [[Caballers | Caballer]] Sint, a yellow dragon. Her symbols are the cog or scales. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Shar

    One of the Keepers, Shar is the Evil goddess of the night and revenge. She is the patron of the [[Caballers | Caballer]] Chara, a rakshasa assassin. Her symbol is a mirror blacked out by smoke. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Ioun

    One of the Keepers, Ioun is the Unaligned goddess of knowledge and studying. Her symbols are a book or an eye. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Bane

    One of the Keepers, Bane is the Lawful Evil god of domination and authority. Bane's symbol is a black iron claw. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Cyric

    One of the Keepers, Cyric is the Chaotic Evil god of madness and lies. His symbol is a skull with waves emanating out from it. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Corellon

    Corellon's the father of all elves and patron god of many Fey races. He's a god of the arts and spring. He is worshipped widely in [[Celestion]]. His symbol is a shining star. (back to [[Deities]])

  • Raven Queen

    The goddess of death, who eventually welcomes everyone into her embrace. Even the gods' most devout followers must go through her before they can find their eventual resting places in the Astral Sea. Her symbol is the head of a raven. (back to [[ …

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