Lords Long Past

Let's Get Kordian

The group goes around Spoketown, looking for items to buy and drop off at the Temple of Avandra as sacrifices. Lyrindil purchases some Stonemeal Biscuits; Metz buys a Communal Axe and drops off her previous one; Joban Kunu similarly sacrifices his childhood throwing hammer for a Brutal Throwing Hammer; Dryn sacrifices **. The priests of Avandra seem to approve.

They head over to the Kordian Games, where they sign up for several individual events – Metz winning her Immovable round against the two “blacklings,” Jeantay and Tarmiqua; Joban puts up an impressive effort against Cretos the minotaur but is knocked prone by his goring charge; Dryn very unluckily misses on her first attack, disqualifying her in the round against a pair of warlocks from the Purple Section called The Whips; Lyrindil gets the #1 Spectator Award.

In the Sects Battle, team Fast Five fares much better than individually, managing to bloody their bugbear opponents (slaves forced to fight by their hobgoblin masters, Hickle and Fickle) into submission, Dryn even knocking one out entirely. Thanks to that, the group earns several prizes:

  • a Battle Standard of Honor
  • an orb containing Silver Hat and the Four Socks’ greatest hit, “Sock It To Ya’!”
  • the title of Faceless One to Dryn, for doing the most damage all day
  • some gold for each (more for Dryn)

The victorious Fast Five confronts a gentleman with whom they had made bets earlier, and he paid Dryn back in the promised amount, but his investments didn’t go so well for Joban or Metz, and in lieu of paying them an extra amount, he said he owes them a marker that Tha Boss will pay in full.

So he takes them through the Red Dragon Inn to said individual, who turns out to be a pudgy, short tiefling who has been waiting to meet them…

Out of the Woods

After killing three wolves – one of which had bones sticking out of it, which marked it as a Dire Wolf – the group runs for the safety of Spoketown. Upon arriving at the city gates, they are greeted by some guardsmen, who answers many questions about the city (an update of the information you learned can be found at the link above) and advises them to travel with torches in the future.

The group proceeds into the city and to the Blue Dragon Inn, where they encounter the beautiful Stella, the sister of Arna. She answers many of their questions about the city and the Kordian Games, and agrees, based on the name-drop of her sister, to let them stay in her room for the night.

Things you learned:

  • The best place to get information about your missing friend Banshee is a Red Section resident named Tha Boss.
  • You need to visit the Temple of Avandra in the city and make a sacrifice to insure safe travels.
  • The Kordian Games are run by the priests of Kord in the Red Section, and include several different events of martial skill.
  • The real money to be made is not in participating in the games, but in gambling on the various matches (including your own).
Into the Woods

The group wakes up in the inn and notices that their former companion Banshee is no longer with them. When they inquire of Arna where she’s gone, they find out that she left in a hurry and headed toward Spoketown before first light. After purchasing some provisions, they follow after her.

They pass by the town guardsman Commander Brank, who warns them to beware the dangers of the forest, and after several hours of traveling, they find out exactly what that can mean. They’re ambushed by a gnome, Gringo, compatriot of the gnome they castrated, Pringo. After a very frustrating skirmish, in which Joban Kunu manages to break his own pinkie toe, they finally subdue the would-be assassin and learn that he’s part of a network of thieves that stretches across The World. The group decides it’s best to keep an eye on Gringo the black gnome and brings him with them as they travel through the forest.

They pass right by the cabin of the woods’ cousin-brothers, as well as a strange group – three hobgoblin and their six bizarrely miniature bugbear slaves. Deciding it best to leave them be, the group presses forward on the road to Spoketown as night falls. In the dark, snarls and howls surround them and close in. Yellow eyes are on all sides, and a wolf lunges forward at them from the cover of darkness…

The Great Seashell Hunt

A town guardsman, Commander Brank, confronts the group for castrating an individual who could have been apprehended by the authorities, but ultimately leaves them and escorts the damaged gnome to a healer.

The group explores Beachton, looking for the potential magical properties of the seashells (see Items page) given to them by the fat Melora (who turns out to be named Beatrix), asking Professor Arno in the city’s Arcane Academy and Sister Lily in the northern Temple of Melora, who then referred them to the fish market to find the husband of the fat woman, Hanga the tuna monger. He begrudgingly pointed them toward the bistro where they found Beatrix and found out from her that the seashells have this property:

  • they are activated by being submerged in water
  • they make no sound in water
  • as long as they’re touching your person, your movements in water will make no sound, as well
  • you may hear voices from an unknown source while the seashell is activated

After getting the information they sought, the group retired to a small inn and tavern where they met the barmaid, Arna, and a patron, Bartleby. Both gave them information on the Kordian Games happening in the neighboring city of Spoketown, as well as alerting them to the existence of the northern port city of Celestion.

The Lords - Adventure Log

The Adventure Begins!

While on a ship that took them across a continent to a new world, five adventurers – Dryn, Joban Kunu, Metz, Banshee and ** – decided to band together once they reach this unknown land so they could each see their goals and dreams fulfilled.

Today, the party arrives in a port town called Beachton, on the west side of a continent known locally simply as The World (see the Map).

On the way to a temple to Melora, the group encounters a gnomish thief who had stolen a bag of golden seashells (see Items page) from a Beachton resident. After soundly thrashing (and castrating) him, they recovered the stolen goods and were rewarded with one gold each. Hooray!


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