Other People

Characters Encountered So Far


  • Commander Brank, guardsman
  • Professor Arno, scientist/magician
  • Sister Lily, Meloran priestess
  • Beatrix & Hanga, amateur magician and her tuna-fishing husband
  • Arna, innkeeper (sister of Stella, cousin of Bria)
  • Pringo & Gringo, thieves
  • Artham, Lord of Sea
  • Deborah, pink-loving agent of Tha Boss


  • Stella, innkeeper (sister of Arna, cousin of Bria) @ the Blue Dragon Inn
  • Mackie, wannabe mafioso
  • Tha Boss, your boss
  • Cursor, purple dragon messenger for Tha Boss
  • The Leftenant, mysterious Banker and magnate of the Orange Section


  • Godfrey, public speaker
  • Monz Mathezin
  • Il Dottore, fin-hatted agent of Tha Boss
  • Bria, innkeeper (cousin of Arna and Stella)
  • Jimonithy Boonie, an alcoholic who got a free house


  • Belcar, half-elf co-mayor and wife of Geltar
  • Geltar, eladrin co-mayor and husband of Belcar
  • Art, archer agent of Tha Boss

The City

  • The Old Sons, azers in service of city tourism
  • Bringer, Priest of Pelor
  • Silver Hat II, haberdasher (father of famous musician Silver Hat III)
  • Silver, banshrae agent of Tha Boss
  • Lio Lillin, mysterious mayor-for-life (haven’t actually encountered yet)


  • Ewan, agent of Tha Boss (haven’t actually encountered yet)
  • Grumblebum, trustworthy dwarfish man (haven’t actually encountered yet)


  • Artemis, half-elf guardswoman
  • Waiel Wynna, Lord of Leaf


  • Western Mountains
    • Galyle, Lord of Sky
    • Tay Lodos, Galyle’s lieutenant
  • Whitepalace
    • Sum, Lord of Light
    • Otpyrk, Sum’s pet dragon
  • Hatfield Manor
    • Professor Mister James McCoy Hatfield, eccentric farmer
    • Genny McCoy Hatfield, Hatfield’s wife
    • Jimmy, Hatfield’s son
    • Timmy, Hatfield’s other son
    • Bimmy, Hatfield’s other other son
  • The Southern Forest
    • The Holland, a mystical guardian of all things green
  • ???
    • The Measurer, collector of information and artifacts (haven’t actually encountered yet)
    • Blake & Kyle, thieves contracted by The Leftenant (haven’t actually encountered yet)

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Other People

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