Joban Kunu

Sullen ... Outsider ... Team Player ... Loyal ... Not Easily Trusting ...


Half-Elf Warden who channels the wild forces of the world. Earthstrength Warden – so my energy is Primal, coming up from the earth.


I was raised in a wooded region in a valley near a beautiful mountain range. My father, mother and I lived on a small farm at the end of a road not far from the village. Neither my mother nor my father were from this place; I would not learn that until much later. After the attack.
My father was a human. He had been an adventurer in his youth; he never spoke to us about his parents or his home. But he did tell me stories of crossing the sea, and of a princess whom he had served as a hunter and attendant many years before.
My father taught me to hunt; we went into the forest from the time I was very young. He taught me to walk quietly, to observe the signs that animals – prey and predator – leave in the woods, and to shoot game with bow and arrow. I became our family’s hunter, providing birds and animals for food and leather. My father also taught me to build – I learned to build fences and enclosures, shelters and snares. But I always stole away to the woods, after my morning chores and again in the evenings after supper. When I am with the trees, the birds, the leaves, and the stones, I am home.
We weren’t wealthy, but we had enough. I never knew any different. There were a few merchants in our village who had more possessions, but they didn’t seem happier than we were. But, to be sure, we were peasants.
One thing that set us apart – not only on our farm away from the village, but from other people – was my elf mother. She was a worshiper of Melora, and so my mother taught me to live in harmony – with the world around me, with the natural world, and with the wild forces. My mother was a kind, quiet person. Tall, slender. Long blonde hair. Fair skin. Beautiful. She tended the home, milked the cow and the goats, tended her garden. She taught me to skin animals and wield a dagger wisely. It’s not that my mother was shunned by the people of the village – they were kind enough – but she kept to herself; it was my gregarious and relaxed father who went into town on market day. I would see him talking with merchants and soldiers and strangers; I presumed he was making small talk; I wonder, looking back, if there were some more hidden purpose in his friendships.
I am told that when I was born, there was an omen: my birth, there at the farm, was marked by a thunderstorm and then, when I took my first breath, sheer silence. All the woodland creatures, birds, insects – everything was silent. I am told that when I was a week old, a poor crone who was traveling on the road past our farm stopped, asked for food and water, and when my parents took her in, predicted that I was destined to wander and discover a great secret. I don’t know what that secret is. I don’t know much of anything.
Except that when I was eleven, one evening I came home from the valley below the mountain in time for supper – and my mother was frantic. Running across the field where we kept our cows and goats. She shouted to me, “He’s gone! He’s gone!” I ran and met her at our cottage’s front door. She had gone to take lunch to my father in the shaded glen across the field, where he usually rested mid-day. She had found only his shirt – bloodied and torn – in the trees and underbrush. And then she’d spent hours looking for signs of him or his attackers. When it was dusk she’d come back to tell me what had happened.
I have not seen him since.
I want to find him.
I spent more and more time in the forest; I said I was hunting, but really I was simply angry and sad – and I traveled farther and farther down any path, looking for signs of my father.
My mother and I managed until she told me it was time that I find my way in the world. She was going back across the mountain to live with her people, an elven tribe. I wanted to go with her, but she told me she would be there when my adventure was over – elves live a long time. I will, too; I am a half-elf, with excellent vision and hearing, long strides, and a deep connection to the wild.

Joban Kunu

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