Lords Long Past

The Great Seashell Hunt

A town guardsman, Commander Brank, confronts the group for castrating an individual who could have been apprehended by the authorities, but ultimately leaves them and escorts the damaged gnome to a healer.

The group explores Beachton, looking for the potential magical properties of the seashells (see Items page) given to them by the fat Melora (who turns out to be named Beatrix), asking Professor Arno in the city’s Arcane Academy and Sister Lily in the northern Temple of Melora, who then referred them to the fish market to find the husband of the fat woman, Hanga the tuna monger. He begrudgingly pointed them toward the bistro where they found Beatrix and found out from her that the seashells have this property:

  • they are activated by being submerged in water
  • they make no sound in water
  • as long as they’re touching your person, your movements in water will make no sound, as well
  • you may hear voices from an unknown source while the seashell is activated

After getting the information they sought, the group retired to a small inn and tavern where they met the barmaid, Arna, and a patron, Bartleby. Both gave them information on the Kordian Games happening in the neighboring city of Spoketown, as well as alerting them to the existence of the northern port city of Celestion.



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