Lords Long Past

Out of the Woods

After killing three wolves – one of which had bones sticking out of it, which marked it as a Dire Wolf – the group runs for the safety of Spoketown. Upon arriving at the city gates, they are greeted by some guardsmen, who answers many questions about the city (an update of the information you learned can be found at the link above) and advises them to travel with torches in the future.

The group proceeds into the city and to the Blue Dragon Inn, where they encounter the beautiful Stella, the sister of Arna. She answers many of their questions about the city and the Kordian Games, and agrees, based on the name-drop of her sister, to let them stay in her room for the night.

Things you learned:

  • The best place to get information about your missing friend Banshee is a Red Section resident named Tha Boss.
  • You need to visit the Temple of Avandra in the city and make a sacrifice to insure safe travels.
  • The Kordian Games are run by the priests of Kord in the Red Section, and include several different events of martial skill.
  • The real money to be made is not in participating in the games, but in gambling on the various matches (including your own).



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