Lords Long Past

Let's Get Kordian

The group goes around Spoketown, looking for items to buy and drop off at the Temple of Avandra as sacrifices. Lyrindil purchases some Stonemeal Biscuits; Metz buys a Communal Axe and drops off her previous one; Joban Kunu similarly sacrifices his childhood throwing hammer for a Brutal Throwing Hammer; Dryn sacrifices **. The priests of Avandra seem to approve.

They head over to the Kordian Games, where they sign up for several individual events – Metz winning her Immovable round against the two “blacklings,” Jeantay and Tarmiqua; Joban puts up an impressive effort against Cretos the minotaur but is knocked prone by his goring charge; Dryn very unluckily misses on her first attack, disqualifying her in the round against a pair of warlocks from the Purple Section called The Whips; Lyrindil gets the #1 Spectator Award.

In the Sects Battle, team Fast Five fares much better than individually, managing to bloody their bugbear opponents (slaves forced to fight by their hobgoblin masters, Hickle and Fickle) into submission, Dryn even knocking one out entirely. Thanks to that, the group earns several prizes:

  • a Battle Standard of Honor
  • an orb containing Silver Hat and the Four Socks’ greatest hit, “Sock It To Ya’!”
  • the title of Faceless One to Dryn, for doing the most damage all day
  • some gold for each (more for Dryn)

The victorious Fast Five confronts a gentleman with whom they had made bets earlier, and he paid Dryn back in the promised amount, but his investments didn’t go so well for Joban or Metz, and in lieu of paying them an extra amount, he said he owes them a marker that Tha Boss will pay in full.

So he takes them through the Red Dragon Inn to said individual, who turns out to be a pudgy, short tiefling who has been waiting to meet them…



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