Lords Long Past

Into the Woods

The group wakes up in the inn and notices that their former companion Banshee is no longer with them. When they inquire of Arna where she’s gone, they find out that she left in a hurry and headed toward Spoketown before first light. After purchasing some provisions, they follow after her.

They pass by the town guardsman Commander Brank, who warns them to beware the dangers of the forest, and after several hours of traveling, they find out exactly what that can mean. They’re ambushed by a gnome, Gringo, compatriot of the gnome they castrated, Pringo. After a very frustrating skirmish, in which Joban Kunu manages to break his own pinkie toe, they finally subdue the would-be assassin and learn that he’s part of a network of thieves that stretches across The World. The group decides it’s best to keep an eye on Gringo the black gnome and brings him with them as they travel through the forest.

They pass right by the cabin of the woods’ cousin-brothers, as well as a strange group – three hobgoblin and their six bizarrely miniature bugbear slaves. Deciding it best to leave them be, the group presses forward on the road to Spoketown as night falls. In the dark, snarls and howls surround them and close in. Yellow eyes are on all sides, and a wolf lunges forward at them from the cover of darkness…



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